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    Guru Reaper Pole Sock


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    Guru Reaper Pole Sock has a different design to normal pole socks, for one very good reason.

    It’s different to the other pole socks on the market as this pole sock is actually a triple one. It features two socks as normal, but with the simple addition of a very clever rubber-protected gap between the socks which has been designed to very cleverly grip the sections and hold them in place snugly.

    Perfect for preventing your pole slipping forward whilst playing and unhooking fish whilst unshipping pole sections and also provide a great way of locating your pole sections quickly.


    • Uniquely has 3 separate pole retaining options- two pole socks, and a middle “tulip” type flexing grip.
    • The Reaper Pole Sock will house anything from a number 4 section up to a 16m section.
    • Socks set at optimum depth to make it easier for the angler.
    • Frame coated in EVA foam for pole protection.


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