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      Korda Krusha Small & Large

      Korda Krusha Small & Large Boilie   The Korda Krusha Has Been Developed To Pulverise The Ha…

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      Korda Kurv Shank Hooks

      Kurv Shank The Kurv Shank is a fantastically versatile hook. It’s agressive hooking proper…

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      Korda Large Rigsafe

      Korda Large Rigsafe   The new for 2016 season double sided Rigsafe, can hold 90 pre made ri…

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      Korda Leadcore Helicopter Leaders

      Based around our Kable Leadcore and No-Trace system, these ready-tied leaders are constructed to…

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      Korda Leadcore Safety System

      Leadcore Chod Safety System The Leadcore Chod Safety System is, without doubt, the biggest advan…

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      Korda Line Saver Bead

      Line Saver Bead These clever tungsten-rubber beads take the naked-chod setup to the next level o…

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      Korda Long Chuck Funnel Web

      Longchuck PVA System Here’s Danny Fairbrass on why he developed the Longchuck system: “I…

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      Korda Longshank X Hooks

      Based on the dimensions of the legendary fly hooks, like the B175, that found favour in the emer…

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      Korda Marker Braid

      This braid casts superbly well, thanks to its low diameter, and transmits the feel of the lake b…

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      Korda Marker Elastic

      Marker Elastic Our marker elastic will help you to easily mark your lines, ensuring that you can…

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      Korda Marker Lead

      Korda Marker Leads These leads will remain uncoated as bare lead is far more effective at transm…

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      Korda Mini Isotopes

      Korda Mini Isotopes, Designed to fit the Korda Distance Sticks as well as Kordas new Black and W…

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