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      Avid Carp Bobbins

      Specially designed to maximise the amount of light that emits from the bobbin head in daylight o…

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      Cygnet Clinga Old Skool

      CLINGA OLD SKOOL The ultra-light, traditional indicator head that adorns many leading anglers se…

      0.00 out of 5


      Cygnet Clinga Standard

      CLINGA STANDARD The great all-round indicator head that lends itself to most applications, from …

      0.00 out of 5


      Esp Barrel Bobbin Isotope

      Also available are super bright isotopes designed to fit the slot in the Barrel Bobbin. These ar…

      0.00 out of 5


      Esp Barrel Bobbin Metal Head

      For long range specialists, there is also a stainless Metal Head bobbin. This interchanges with …

      0.00 out of 5


      Esp Barrel Bobbins

      The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite in…

      0.00 out of 5


      Fox Black Label Dumpy Bobbin

      Classic old school look Injection moulded opaque coloured main body with two transparent isotope…

      0.00 out of 5


      Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbin

      Machined aluminium body Memory-free 6in super soft black Dacron cord with machined black alumini…

      0.00 out of 5


      Fox Black Label Titanium Quiver Arm

      Titanium wire quivers for ultimate bite indication Compatible with all Slim Black Label heads Re…

      0.00 out of 5


      Fox Micron M+ Bite Alarm

      PRODUCT OVERVIEW With this amazing new technology developed for the ground-breaking N Series of …

      0.00 out of 5


      Fox RX+3 Rod Presentation Set

      PRODUCT OVERVIEW Weatherproof sealed case Digital circuitry D-Tecâ„¢ Plus Sensing System (DTSS) …

      0.00 out of 5


      Korda Black and White Bobbins

      Black & White Bobbin – Each body has a fully adjustable line clip, where line runs thr…

      0.00 out of 5


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