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Bucket Stand

An innovative solution designed to speed up the baiting-up process.

Whether spodding, catapulting or using a throwing stick, the Square Bucket Stand puts the bucket right at waist height, making it easier than ever to bait-up.

The Stand also features a dedicated foam rod rest, as many baiting tools require you to put your rod down whilst loading bait ?– yet another first for Avid Carp.

Fits all sizes of Avid Carp Square Buckets and many other popular brands.

Comes complete with three banksticks.
• Will accommodate most sizes of square buckets
(Internal dimensions 27.5 x 23.5cm)
• Bait up without leaning down to reach your bait
(Height when assembled 77cm)
• Built in foam rod rest for easier baiting up
• Complete with three banksticks as standard

Bucket not included

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