Bait-Tech Super Seed Hemp and Corn 350g


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Hemp & Corn *NEW*
The perfect ratio of the best two carp catching baits together in a can!
No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Nonsense! Quality bait in the freshest form!
Bait-Tech Super Seed particle range has long been recognised as THE best prepared particle range available. With so many other prepared particles available, why is ours so good?
The answer lies with the unique process in which the Super Seed range is produced. Firstly the product; we only use the finest grade A seed in our products. There is no scrimping and saving on below par seed, this is the best quality available.
Preparing and producing the Super Seed: The seeds are actually cooked in the cans, pouches & jars, this means you are guaranteed to have a product that oozes freshness with all the natural flavours, oils and attractors still in the can and immersed into each and every seed.
The importance of fresh particles is absolutely key. With none of the goodness lost there is maximum fish attraction with NO chemical compound or preservative. This is as natural a bait as you will ever see……and smell!
Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself…fish them side by side and see what happens. You will find that the chemically covered baits will actually repel fish instead of attracting them.
The highest quality hempseed and particles
User friendly
Ready to use from the can
Loose feeding
Spod mixes
Laying carpet feed
Adding to groundbait
For any particle situation
No preservatives

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