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    Bait-Tech The Juice Groundbait


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    The Juice Groundbait *NEW*
    The Juice Groundbait is a new and unique formula based around commercials and tailored for the need to catch large numbers of big fish quickly. Fast breakdown, low binding properties give endless options particularly when the need to over wet or ‘slop’ the mix.
    Feeding through kinder pots and over wet mixes for skimmers on feeder, The Juice Groundbait offers a top quality bait that’s packed with high quality fishmeals with the characteristic sweet note that has become a known winner in all other Juice products.
    Perfect for pole fishing and any kind of feeder fishing, this intensely flavour-packed bait will get instant reaction in your swim. Perfect for carp, F1s, skimmers, bream, barbel & ide.
    This is a sweet fishmeal fast breakdown, versatile groundbait.
    High in attraction
    Sweet Fishmeals
    Instant attraction
    Great for the method/feeder fishing
    1kg bag

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