CC Moore Duo Floater Hookbaits


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CC Moore Duo Floater Hookbaits

Knowing the challenges and concerns faced when floater fishing, each pot of Duo Floater Hookbaits contains two different coloured hookbaits to give the angler two outstanding hookbait options.

Duo Floater Hookbait Properties:

  • Tough-skinned, 12 x 14mm very buoyant hookbaits
  • Pots of 50 hookbaits. Two colours; dark brown, light brown 
  • Light brown hookbaits similar colour to Chum Mixer
  • Dark brown hookbaits similar colour to Floating Trout Pellets
  • Easy to hair-rig or side-hook. Won’t fall off when casting
  • An excellent floater hookbait and PVA bag/pellet hookbait
  • Soaked in our highly attractive, smoked salmon oil 
  • 50 baits

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