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    CC Moore Krill Amino Compound 500ml




    As the name suggests this superb liquid bait additive is made from one of the most highly nutritious natural ‘super foods’ found on our planet – Krill. This phenomenally nutrient-rich crustacean supplies high levels of vital proteins, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants – even in its natural state, but has been dramatically enhanced during the production of this outstanding amino acid compound.

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    During the production of this liquid food, Krill is harvested, blended to a pulp, the protein fraction is then extracted and finally hydrolysed with the use of an enzyme to increase its availability and digestibility. The resulting liquid really is incredibly attractive being rich in powerful soluble nutrients which create a strong water-borne food signal in any water temperature.

    Delivering a deep yeasty-fish aroma and distinctive salty taste, Krill Amino Compound also stimulates fish to feed by supplying high levels of free amino acids in conjunction with vital health-promoting nutrients like canthaxanthin – the incredible antioxidant which is also found in highly rated bait products such as Robin Red®, Shrimp, Peppers, Chilli and of course Krill Meal.

    The density of this powerful amino acid compound also gives you another great edge. When it is applied to any bait which sits on the bottom of your swim it will leach into the silt, clay or gravel on the lake or river bed, enticing fish to root around in the swim as they pick up food signals long after the bait has disappeared.


    Krill Amino Compound is a totally natural product which has no limit to its inclusion. The more you include within base mixes the more attraction you will add and the less liquid egg that is required – increasing the natural solubility of your bait.

    Krill Amino Compound is also a superb stick and spod mix additive that adds a huge boost of attraction to any savoury blend. Adding high levels to your stick mix will make a wetter finished mix giving it a more concentrated attraction profile and a slower breakdown time; this may be better for lower stock venues where fish may be required to still find attraction a long time after bait particles have disappeared. Adding lower levels to gently moisten the mix will enable a quicker breakdown and quicker dispersal of the attractors; the perfect presentation for highly stocked waters where casting and delivery of bait occurs at more regular intervals.

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