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    Drennan E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights


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    Dropshot Bomb Weights

    E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights feature a specially designed bulbous base to enable them to pivot while still holding bottom. This allows you to impart even more subtle and lifelike movements into a dropshot lure without actually moving the bomb.

    The bulbous shape also helps with casting accuracy while the camo coating helps them to blend into the bottom. Your line simply locks into the special swivel, without the need for knots, so you can adjust the length of the drop shot tail easily. This also means a bomb can safely disengage should it become heavily snagged.

    The Range:

    • 4g – 5 weights per packet
    • 8g – 4 weights per packet
    • 12g – 3 weights per packet
    • 16g – 3 weights per packet
    • 20g – 3 weights per packet


    • Bulbous base to enable them to pivot
    • Size engraved
    • Brown finish
    • Special swivel

    Additional information


    4 gram, 8 gram, 12 gram




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