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ESP – Nut Drill

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product description

Made from stainless steel, the ESP Nut Drill is the perfect tool for drilling through hard boilies and tough tiger nuts, allowing you to create exactly the right rig presentation, wherever you are, and whatever you’re fishing for.


Session demands a sudden change of tactic? Relax – you’ve got it in hand, with the creation potential of the hard bait drill from ESP.  Supplied with several lengths of cork, the drill matches the cork diameter (4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameters available; please select your preferred diameter, or why not order one of each?), making it easy to thread the cork through.  The cork can be cut flush with scissors or a knife, and, by varying the length of the cork, you can vary the buoyancy of your bait, allowing you to create a truly customised set up, and maximise your chances of landing that fish of a lifetime.


The drill is designed to ensure a neat, tidy hole, with no risk of your bait splitting while you’re drilling – performance perfection, practically guaranteed.