ESP Syncro Loaded XT




Supplied on 1000m spools, this new Syncro line’s dark olive pigment disappears against any lake bed and is actually very difficult to see when suspended off the rod tips, even in tap clear water.


Upon casting out it sinks through the surface film virtually unaided until it just hangs from the rod tips. And if a slack line approach is required it stays that way, lying tight to the bottom to the extent that you can feel it peeling up off the lake bed when winding in.


Regarding knot strength, just like the original Syncro XT, the new Loaded is underrated and the following knot strengths can be achieved using a carefully tied five turn grinner (tested on calibrated digital force meter):


12lb (0.33mm) 

15lb (0.37mm)

18lb (0.40mm)


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