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    Fortis Wraps AM/PM Sunglasses


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    Fortis Wraps AM/PM Sunglasses,

    The Fortis Wraps fit perfectly around the face, totally eliminating unwanted light.
    Not only is their shape designed to block any penetrating light, but they also have side lenses too for total 180 degree peripheral vision.
    The stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame means they can be worn all day long comfortably.
    Available with top quality AM/PM (amber) lenses for low light like dawn and dusk, or 247 (brown) lenses which are suitable for all day wear.
    Soft rubber inserts on the frame arms ensure these frames dont slip off your head, whilst maximising comfort.
    A unique vent system at the top of the frame, increases airflow preventing mist/fog build up when pushing a barrow or climbing a tree to spot fish.
    They come with a branded hard protective case with clasp which can be attached to the outside of your bag for easy access.

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