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    Fox Black Label Slik Indicator Bobbin


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    his interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of bobbin. The Slik Clip is designed to all you to place your main line into the base of the clip, thus ‘fixing’ the clip onto your main line. This far increases the bobbins sensitivity and is especially effective when fishing with slack lines as it is impossible for your line to move even the slightest mm without the bobbin moving. Once you get a positive ‘pull’ on your line it will come free of the line clip and then become free running through middle section of the Slik Clip, which means should a bite turn into a drop back you will still have your bobbin attached to your line. The only time this bobbin will detach from your main line will be when you lift the rod off of the alarm. A further benefit of the Slik Clip is that tension is fully adjustable meaning you can change main line diameters without the clip losing its grip. Alternatively this clip can also be used the more traditional free-running way. In addition to the smart Slik Clip this bobbin also comes supplied with a 3ins Black Ball Chain, a Slim Head and a Hockey Stick.

    Colours available: Red, Gunsmoke, White, Purple, Blue and Green

    This eye catching new range of bite indicators have been designed not only to complement our market-leading Black Label bankware range but to also help anglers improve their bite indication sensitivity. The beauty of the range is that you can buy a set bobbin for a relatively low price and then customise it to suit the differing angling situations that you will be faced with as no one bite indicator will be the most effective in all situations.

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    White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple

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