Fox Edges Baiting Tool Range


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Fox Edges Baiting Tools(choose from the following)

FINE NEEDLE (Green) – The Fine Needle is perfect for small boilies and
particle baits. 

HEAVY NEEDLE (Red) – The Heavy Needle is perfect for larger boilies and
harder baits. 

GATED NEEDLE (Green) – The Gated Needle is perfect for splicing 45lb
Submerge and general hook baits.

SPLICING NEEDLE (Blue) – The Splicing Needle is designed to neatly
splice loops into leadcore or 30lb Submerge leaders. The needle features a
micro engineered, hinged gate which closes to capture the fibres and prevents
snagging during the splicing process. The needle shaft is constructed from
ultra low diameter stainless steel and this makes the needle ideal for hair
rigging small, soft baits without splitting or tearing.

STIX & STRINGER NEEDLE (Dark Blue) – The Stix baiting needle has
been designed to make easy threading of PVA sticks directly onto the hooklink.
It is also invaluable as a stringer needle and features a 135mm steel shaft
with a hinged gate closure. This allows the hooklink loop to be pulled through
the PVA stick without tearing or laddering the PVA mesh. The needle is set into
an ergonomic, soft touch handle to make a durable and versatile baiting tool.

needle set which includes:

  • Stix & Stringer Needle
    (Dark Blue)
  • Fine Needle (Green)
  • Gated Needle (Yellow)
  • Heavy Needle (Red)

Splicing Needle (Blue)

The FOX 1.5mm Nut Drill is perfect
for drilling fine holes through the centre of any hard bait from trout pellets
through to nuts, air dried boilies and floating pellets.


The Tension Bar is an invaluable
rig tool for any anglers tackle box. Its uses include making consistent sized
loops, straightening stiff rigs and boom sections, knot tightening, knot
testing and knot picking.


Fox Edges Multi Tool – Ideal for
rig making and testing that
incorporates a stripper, a loop tyer, a knot tightener and a ‘D’ loop

Braid Blades

Featuring a
serrated blade for the clean cutting of the finest braids and hooklink


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