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    Guru Ready Tied Method Feeder Rig 4″


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    The Method Hair Rig has been purpose designed for use with the method feeder. Through their vast combined commercial-water experience, the Guru team believed that the perfect length for a method rig was four inches. This allows the bait to be presented among the free bait that has dropped off the feeder. They coupled the N-Gauge hook link with the Guru MWG hook, which is an awesomely strong, versatile pattern. The lads decided on figure-of-eight loops for ultimate knot strength and a piece of silicone on the hair to keep the bait and hook in the optimum hooking position.

    • Four-inch, ready-tied rigs
    • Designed by the Guru team specifically for method fishing
    • Featuring the strong, sharp MWG hook
    • Tied with the renowned N-Gauge hook link material

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    Hook Size

    16-0.19mm, 14-0.22mm, 12-0.22mm, 10-0.25mm




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