Korda Extenda Stop


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Korda Extenda Stops

 Clever stops that allow you to change bait size without changing hair length
– Allow the hair to be lengthened by between 16mm and 24mm
– Cannot be dislodged by crayfish or small fish
– Reusable

Our original Hybrid hair stop is a refreshingly simple, yet effective little gadget. Simply pop one off the strip and use it to secure your hook bait in place.

We also produce the innovative Extenda Stops. On days when bites are hard to come by or when you are getting takes but losing fish, subtle changes such as making the hair longer or changing the bait size can make a huge difference to your results.

By using the different length Extenda Stops, it is easy to lengthen the hair or alternatively change the size of the hook bait from anywhere between 16mm and 24mm, without having to tie a new rig.

The shape of the Extenda Stop also makes it very difficult for crayfish to pull them off, making them a must when fishing on waters that suffer from crayfish problems.


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