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    Korda Fake Slow Sinking 12mm Dumbell




    Slow Sinking Dumbells

    Our Fake Food range now includes slow-sinking dumbbell hook baits. As with the rest of the range, they differ from plastic hook baits made by other manufacturers as the attractor combinations have been moulded into the plastic during construction, rather than simply soaked in neat flavour, which washes away quickly.

    The flavour combinations are proven favourites of the team, with Danny Fairbrass contributing the Banoffee and Ali Hamidi the IB combination. You’ll notice that there is no Citrus Zing in the dumbbell range. Instead, Danny has added a blend of fish flavours under the label of Fishy Fish. These dumbells have been coloured and flavoured to mimic washed-out pellets, making them the deadliest solid bag hook baits around!

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    Fishy Fish, Fruity Squid, Banoffee, IB




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