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rimping is a great way to achieve neat, strong connections, especially when you are using stiffer and/or thicker materials which can be hard to knot effectively – plus it allows you to get the hook link length right every time, which is especially useful for Chod rigs.

These double-barrel Krimp’s are designed to be used with a variety of different hook link materials, and when used in combination with our Krimp Tool, they will give you a connection that you can rely on every time. You need to ensure that you use a suitable size of Krimp for your choice of hook link – if the Krimp is too big it can slip – and the Small 0.6mm version is perfect for use with materials like Mouth Trap, the 25lb version of Boom, or even stiff coated braids such as Hybrid.

The Large 0.7mm Krimp is for really thick materials, such as 35lb Boom or very heavy mono.

They come supplied in a neat little box with a sliding lid, which helps prevent spillages, with 50 Krimp’s in each pack.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for stiff materials like Boom
  • Double barrelled and two sizes available
  • Use in conjunction with the Krimp Tool#
  • Use the following size krimps with these breaking strain booms

0.5mm – 15lb boom

0.6mm – 25lb boom

0.7mm – 35lb boom

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