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Kurv Shank
The Kurv Shank is a fantastically versatile hook. It’s agressive hooking properties make it ideal for pop-up presentations and bottom-bait rigs too. It features in some of the most devastating rigs that we know, including Danny’s trademark IQ D-Rig and Ali Hamidi & Gaz Fareham’s pop-up combi rig.
It owes its fantastic hooking properties to the sweeping curve of the shank, in-turned eye and long, straight, needle-sharp point. Those features make this pattern a great hooker when used without shrink tube; a simple knotless-knot rig will suffice when using the Kurv Shanks.
A versatile, swept-shank hook
Ultra-sharp, long point and microbarb
Ideal for rigs like the KD and Muzza

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