Korda Quick Change Booms


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Korda Quick Change Booms

  • Make creating a spinner rig easier than ever before! With three in a pack pre-tied and ready to use, you simply need to tease open the Quick Change swivel with a Krimp tool, just enough to thread on your hook, and then pinch it shut. Slide on a Kicker to secure the hook in place, and then add a Micro Rig Swivel and Hook Bead to complete the setup. A piece of their famous Dark Matter putty can be moulded around the loop knot if required to balance your hookbait too.
  • The Spinner rig is one of the most popular and effective carp-catching setups around at the moment, but tying them from scratch can be time consuming, not to mention daunting if you have never attempted it before. These are tied on 7.5 inches or 5.5 inches of 25lb fluorocarbons, with a loop at one end, and a Quick Change swivel at the other, and they make it incredibly easy to set a Spinner rig up.
  • 3 Per Pack

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