Korda Safe Zone Tail Rubbers


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Korda Safe Zone Tail Rubbers
Korda Tail Rubbers have become some what of an institution when it comes to finishing off a rig, they were originally designed as a purpose made connector between the top of an in line lead and the rig tube. Our own rubbers concentrate on one thing, connecting the lead and the tube leaving little or no lip for the hooklink to tangle around on the cast. Since then we have designed our own lead clips to fit the rubbers already made for the top of an in line, people also slide the lead down onto a rubber semi fixed over the hooklink swivel so if the line breaks the lead can pull off the rubber down the tube and off the end of the line, a semi fixed rig that turns into a running rig. They have a multitude of other applications, being of high quality rubber compound they will stretch over many things to conceal or neaten a part of the rig, some people use them at the end of the hooklink as it joins the swivel for neatness and who are we to argue. Now made from a new material and in colours to match the Safe Zone ranges. Available in Weed, Clay, Silt or Gravel. 10 per packet.

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Weed, Clay, Silt, Gravel


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