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    Korda Tackle Safe


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    Korda Tackle Safe

    The TackleSafe is the latest addition to our terminal tackle and rig storage range and is designed to sit alongside the existing RigSafe and ChodSafe products.

    It is a compact end-tackle storage system within a hard clamshell-style case, secured magnetically, and with a soft-touch, non-slip outer coating, and featuring a ruler to assist with your rig tying. One side of it features an open compartment which can be used to story larger items such as spools of hook link material, Pulla Rig Toolz and scissors. The same half of the TackleSafe also has eight compartments which are accessed via flip top lids to ensure that the items contained within can’t accidentally spill out – it is perfect for things such as Heli-Safe Beads, Hybrid Lead Clips, and Fake Foods, for instance. The other side of the TackleSafe has two larger compartments with lids, which can be used to store packets of hooks, baiting needles. It also has a number of smaller, lidded, shallower compartments that can be used for storing swivels, rig rings shrink tubing, Kickers, and any other smaller items of terminal tackle.

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