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Mainlines attitude to carp baits has taken the
guesswork and complexity out of putting together a winning, easy to roll
combination. Many aspects are of paramount importance when we develop a
product. Firstly all our products are of the highest quality human food grade.
Our buying power allows us to use only the finest ingredients, shipping them
from as far afield as Japan, New Zealand and Scandinavia. We then pack
everything in the best-laminated foiled bags to ensure you buy the same quality
off the shelf.

Taste, texture and palatability are essential considerations, because a carp,
which finds a bait irresistible, is a catchable carp. We add amino based
powdered enhancers and palatants, which not only serve to attract but also give
a bait a ’round’ taste to complement the initial attraction. Mainline’s baits
are tailored to be instantly acceptable, but the long life of bait is a vital
ingredient of their success. Our mixes are consistently successful throughout a
season and even season to season, which is important when you consider the
time, money and effort spent on baiting campaigns.

Lastly, but most importantly, a most valuable ingredient is confidence. Buying
a bag of Mainline base mix is buying confidence in a bag. Concentrate on
getting the location and terminal tackle right, safe in the knowledge that
Mainline has already provided top quality bait.

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