Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe Adaptor


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Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe Adaptor


Customise almost any alarm with the glow of Nash Bobbin Glow Pipes. The Glow Pipe Adaptor allows almost any alarm with a 2.5mm jack plug socket to be customised with Glow Pipes (sold separately) for a wicked illuminated bobbin. Fitting the collar of any alarm with the universal bracket, plug in the 2.5mm jack plug and you can now fit 8and 20cm Glow Pipes for the ultimate glowing indicator.


  • Enhance almost any alarms with Glow Pipes and Nash Bobbin heads
  • 2.5mm jack plug socket required
  • Universal quick fit collar to fit most alarm types


Note – the Nash Bobbin Light Pipe Adaptor produces white light only

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