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The most effective zig foam presentation in seconds

Ziggaz are a micro version of our highly successful Bread Bombs – offering the easiest and most effective zig foam presentation in seconds.

Consisting of a silicone moulded line aligner with a stretchable loop housing, simply pick the Ziggaz foam of your choice and push it into the self gripping loop.

Quick to use and highly effective, providing the critical hooking angle of the line aligner. Ziggaz unique dual colour foams are black on the bottom to silhouette, attracting carp from below and offering 6 top face colour variations – hi attract and natural aquatic insect colourations.

Ring the changes to find the winning combination on the day. Hi Attract pack contains three silicone Ziggaz aligners and one each Black/Yellow, Black/Orange and Black/Pink foams. Ziggaz Natural Attract pack contains three silicone Ziggaz Aligners and one each Black/Green, Black/Brown and Black/Beige Foams.

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