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    Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods


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    Now available by popular demand the world beating Scope performance and reduced packdown with slick cosmetics including abbreviated Japanese shrink grips.

    Recognising the trend for heavier leads, the demands of PVA tactics, extensive use of Scopes for placing baits from boats, and for our Continental friends tackling extreme natural venues Scope Abbreviated models are now available in 3 lb as well as new 3.25 lb and a 3.5 lb S (Stepped Up Special). Offering increased backbone for greater control with monster carp in fast flowing rivers or in snaggy and weedy environments and handling leads up to 6 oz these new additions to the Scope range bring short packdown performance to all.

    • 9 ft models pack down to 44 inches (112cm), 10 ft models to 50 inches (127cm)• Six foot Sawn-Off models retract to 29 inches (73cm)• Increased power 3.5 lb S models (Stepped Up Specials) • Tournament style reverse Minima ringing on nine and ten foot models to prevents frap-ups• Anti-frap tip guide and 40mm butt rings on all 9 ft and 10 ft models• Genuine Fuji reel seat• Carbon line clip• Matte black whippings and laser etched butt cap with isotope slot• Gloss black decals

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    6ft 3.0lb TC, 9ft 3.0lb Tc, 10ft 3.0lb Tc




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