Nufish Aqualock Combi Side Tray


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Aqualock Combi Side Tray
The next step in our advanced side tray journey
The original aqualock tray brought bait access & protection to a new level , finding popularity among feeder anglers , we saw the need to adapt the all weather design and incorporate that into a bait tray system for anglers who need more instant access while still retaining the protection on the aqualock covered system.
This new combi tray is perfect for all round anglers, especially pole anglers who loose feed regularly and with the protected lid compartment situated at the back of the tray that also means that pole access down the margins is easy too, both areas are sized to take 4 x 3pint tubs , and the front meshed area sits higher than the rear pocket meaning that just like a normal side tray , bait is straight to hand making loose feeding easy.
Dual rails situated on both sides of the tray mean that it can be used on the left or right hand side of your seatbox or restabox. With the opposite side accommodating a telescopic support leg. The hinged lid contains a pocket for you spools , tools or phone, making this the most comprehensive tray on the market.
Measuring 480 X 750 mm and complete with the multifit leg clamps it will fit all seatbox leg profiles on the market.
The two seperate areas meaasures 375 x 400 mm each.
Fits 19mm – 23mm – 25mm – 30mm 36mm legs

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