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An ingenious rig to seduce shy carp. The PB Products Bungy Rig. What makes this rig so special? Carps on heavily fished water are familiar with the
fact that some jackets result in a hook prick after shooting.
These carps “play” with the bait.


They take it slowly and soon they feel the tendency of the bottom line. This goes suddenly and quickly. This is not the case with the Bungy Rig. The lower line stretches less suddenly (the elastic
stretches) and at the moment the Armabraid stretches in the elastic the hook
point comes in.
Too late! After the bait, a carp can not easily replace the hook
on this bottom line because the Bungy Elastic creates a lot of counter pressure
at the hook point.
This will cause the carp to panic and eventually get away with a blood runt as a result.
The color indication on the Bungy Rig packaging is LIGHT BLUE

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