PB Products Jelly-Wire Hook-link


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PB Products Jelly-Wire Hook-link


In order to meet the demand for a superior, flexible, coated rig material we have developed Jelly Wire.This product is fast becoming recognised as one of the leading hook-links in today’s carp scene and has already accounted for thousands of captures across Europe and the UK. This fast sinking hook-link material has a round, smooth, inner core that is extremely flexible.This unique inner core is surrounded by a very easy to strip, transparent outer shell that prevents tangling and creates the stiff link effect to the base of the hook-link. Supplied on spools of 20 metre.

Available in 15lb,25lb and 35lb.

Colours; Gravel, Weed, and Silt.

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15lb Silt, 25lb Silt, 15lb Weed, 25lb Weed, 15lb Gravel, 25lb Gravel


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