Preston Innovations Inception Seat Box


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Inception Seat Box
Based on the Inception SL30, the Inception has a number of key improvements while keeping the same popular deep side draw and deep base configuration. The handwheels have been upgraded to include a soft touch coating, making them easy to use in cold weather and wet conditions. 4 Tele legs are now supplied, creating a more adjustable box for unforgiving terrain and when wading in water. The footplate is now locked in position by two retractable plungers, making it quicker than ever to set up and ensuring the footplate is locked in the perfect position every time. Each unit comes complete with the Revolutionary Mag-Lok clips, these ensure that the units are held securely together but can be opened in a second, giving access to the base compartment.

Padded Seat
Deep Side Drawer Unit
100mm Base Unit
2 x 30mm Standard Legs 50cm
4 x 30mm Telescopic Legs 50cm
Cassette Bar & Footplate
Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap


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