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    Prologic R2L Bite Alarm Set 3 Alarms Plus Receiver


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    React To Light, this is how this brand new alarm works. Here at Prologic we have started this project over 3 years ago, our target was to find a new detection system to offer more reliability, more accuracy and all in all the possibility to use less components in order to have better energy efficiency and better performance. The all new R2L Bite alarm is the first one in the market who feature a infra-red movement sensor to detect any smaller movement of the line. Movement sensor, combined with a new low diameter roller provide ultimate reliability and sensitivity.BITE ALARM
    • Infra red movement sensor
    • Solid low diameter roller
    • 10 stage volume including silent mode
    • 10 stage tone
    • 10 stage sensitivity
    • Integrated adjustable snag bars
    • Night light
    • Ultra bright LED
    • Dedicated drop back indication
    • Powered by 1 x 9V battery
    • Power saving system
    • Totally waterproof
    • Power out socket for illuminated bite indicator
    • Supplied with protective cover RECEIVER
    • Volume adjustment with silent and vibration mode
    • Courtesy night light
    • 150m range
    • Dedicated drop back indication
    • Power saving system
    • Supplied with protective cover
    • Powered by 1 x 9V battery

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