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Rozemeijer Allure Coated Rubber Landing Net


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Rozemeijer Allure Coated Rubber Landing Net

A landing net the way it was meant to be! A 195cm handle, and a large rubber coated net with small meshes so that the fish of your freshly caught fish do not damage. The handle is retractable and can be clicked into place. Forgot your tape measure, no problem! You can measure your caught fish using the tape measure on the handle.

A good size landing net! It has a handle with the length of 195cm, and a rubber coated, small mesh, just so that the fish won’t be damaged. You can slide the handle into place, and lock it so it won’t move. We’ve added a measuring ruler on the handle, so that if you have forgotten your measuring ruler, you can always measure your fish.

Size 70x65cm