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    Sonubaits Cheesy Garlic Groundbait 2kg Bag


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    This groundbait stinks! FACT! And the fish absolutely love it!!! A combination of crushed halibut pellets and hemp make this oily, fishy mix irresistible to big fish.

    Primarily used by barbel anglers, this mix can be mixed slightly over wet to get a sticky consistency. Used in a feeder, the smell leaks down stream and draws barbel from way down river, up to your hookbait.

    In recent seasons, carp anglers have found this mix too to be a winner. Adding it to PVA bags for that smell impact, whilst the core ingredients hold fish in the peg as they grub around for crushed particles.
    A secret favourite of Ian Russell, and has accounted for some big fish over the past few seasons.

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