Sonubaits Maggot Fishmeal Groundbait 2kg Bag


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Maggot Fishmeal:

At Sonubaits we know the difficulty many anglers face when choosing their groundbait.
Consulting with our team of anglers, we have created a mix that really is a true all rounder.

The key ingredient is our crushed maggots!  Maggots really are an all-round bait and they have been responsible for catching millions of fish over the course of time.
Integrating them into ground bait was never going to be easy, but we have taken fresh maggots, then dried and crushed them to form the key ingredient in this mix.
Ground maggots add a significant protein content and smell to the ground bait, a natural fish attractor, catches on this ground bait have already exceeded expectations.

To complement the ground bait, we have combined well balanced combinations of various crushed pellets, fishmeals, breads and hemp, to give a natural brown colour.
A winner for just about every fish, and a particular favourite for Bream and Carp, Maggot fishmeal, this ground bait should be your turn to choice next time you can’t quite decide on that all-round mix!

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