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Margin Carp

New for 2014 is Margin Carp, a groundbait designed specifically for catching big carp in the margins.

The problem with a lot of groundbaits that people use for catching carp in the margins is they are too light and don’t contain enough feed to keep the fish feeding. Often when carp come into the margins they will stir up the bottom when feeding and as soon as they ate hooked all the groundbait which has brought them to the margin is wafted away by the hooked fish.

Because of this we have created a groundbait which not only draws the carp to the margins but also keeps them there as even if the fish kicks up the groundbait, the majority of it will drop back down in the same area rather than being washed away.

We have created this groundbait by using heavy ingredients which we have crushed into small particle sizes, this means that once you add water they soak it up and become heavy so when a fish does stir the bait up the weight of the particle size takes it back to the bottom very quickly and therefore keeps the rest of the fish feeding in the margins.

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