Sonubaits Supercrush Expander Groundbait 2kg Bag


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The golden rule in fishing has to be “keep it simple” well it doesn’t get more straight forward than crushed expanders!
This mix is exactly what it says on the bag. We take top grade expander pellets and crush them into a fine mix, a great attractor without filling the fish up.
A light groundbait, it forms a fine carpet across the bottom, which holds fish for hours. Top match anglers swear by crushed expanders for carp, f1s and bream, so this mix really does make the perfect addition to any mix, or simply used on its own.
Top match angler Lee Kerry says
“Crushed expanders are my guilty pleasure, I use this mix in the margins on its own, or added to any mix when fishing in open water, it’s like the brown crumb of fish meal groundbaits, a must add!”

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