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    Water Wolf Camera 1.1 – Under Water Fishing Waterproof Video


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    The Water Wolf is a sports underwater camera made exclusively for fishing, designed and engineered in Denmark. The low lux and wide angle lens make capturing incredible footage a breeze even in low light conditions and the anti-wobbling retrieve conbined with the hydrodynamic design allows you to get smooth results from low drag with ease. You can now use the Water Wolf 1.1 HD Camera in depths of up to 120m and with 4 hours recording time in stunning wide angled 720p HD, this is a sports camera to be reckoned with.

    • Waterproof to 120m (390ft)
    • Easily attaches to fishing line
    • 4 Hours recording time (Micro SD card required, not included)
    • No extra case needed – fully waterproof
    • Design Anti-wobbling retrieve
    • 720p Wide Angle HD quality
    • Low lux
    • Full colour
    • Built In microphone
    • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    • 30 frames per second for great light sensitivity
    • Comes with the Universal Filming Mount – Easy to attach to your Water Wolf camera to the mount which has a knee joint (fits the Go Pro universal mount) that fits onto a bankstick converter.
    • Universal Fishing Mount included – More durable and locks the camera into position to create a stealth presentation to film your lure/or your bait and not the swivel in front of your camera.
    • Brass Weights – Three weights included in the box 9g, 12g and 15g. The 15g weight allows you the film at a steeper angle when fishing with diving baits and provides a fast sink rate and greater stability.
    • Protective Cap – Protect the camera during transport and a great tool to remove the camera cap. The tool allows you to perfectly align the O rings on the cap to ensure complete waterproofness.

    What’s in the box?

    • Water Wolf v1.1 Underwater Fishing Camera
    • Brass Weight Kit (9g, 12g, 15g)
    • Universal Filming Mount
    • Universal Fishing Mount
    • Go Pro converter
    • USB Cable
    • Lens Protective Cap
    • EVA Float
    • Bankstick Converter.

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